About the Team at Bad Heeler USA

Greetings from the Bad Heeler USA Team here at the Bad Heeler USA Headquarters.  We are a family business driven by our love of Australian Cattle Dog breed and we’re located in the suburbs of New Orleans, LA, USA.  

Michael or Dad as he’s know around here has made a career of producing events, mostly sports events.   Leslie, Momma or Dr. Momma as she known is a veterinarian who only sees exotic patients (so not our beloved cattle dogs!).  Our love of cattle dogs began with Dr. Momma’s cattle dog mix, Roxy.  Roxy accompanied Dr. Momma through Vet School (Geaux Tigers!) and was always by her side throughout Vet School.  Dad wasn’t really a “dog guy” but with every game of fetch or new trick learned, Roxy won him over until he fell in love with her and Australian Cattle Dog breed.  

Dad was interested in dog sports and wanted a pure breed Australian Cattle Dog which leads us to Barqs the Cattle Dog joining the family.  When Barqs got her own Facebook & Instagram pages we met so many liked minded people and co-founded (with Teddy Bix Garnet of Sydney, Australia) the Cattle Dog Clubhouse (CDC on Instagram), a virtual worldwide gathering place for cattle dogs and their humans.  Sadly in March of 2019 we lost Roxy, the Matriarch of the Cattle Dog Clubhouse and our leader of our pack.  She might no longer be here with us, but none of this would have been possible with out her so she remains near us in our hearts.

Barqs took up Barn Hunt dog sport earning her RATN title and began agility training.  About this time we ran across a social media post looking for an American partner to bring BAD HEELER to the USA and as they say, the rest was history.  As we began building our business and website we made even more cattle dog friends around the country and the world.  In early 2020, we again added to our family and Crow The Cattle Dog brought her endless energy.  We also greatly expanded our line of BAD HEELER products from just hats to shirts, hoodies, totes and even embroidered products.

We are big believers that the best dogs are well trained, socialized & happy dogs.  Both Barqs & Crow have graduated from Puppy Class, Intermediate Classes & Advanced Classes.  Barqs also took a class in scent work which she seemed to enjoy.  During the COVID 2020 lockdown both Barqs and Crow earned their American Kennel Club Novice Trick Titles (TKN) and both are now competing in AKC Fast CAT (100 yard dash) competitions.  Click on any of the links for more information on the dog sports listed and get out there and represent Team Bad Heeler with your cattle dog!


Another important member of our team is Jessica, the mom of PepperPuppyMelbourne.  Jessica is a master graphic artist and has helped us redesign our logo as well as helping us develop new t-shirt designs.  Jessica & her husband Joe came to New Orleans for Cattle Dog Con 2019 and we wanted to keep them here in the US, but they had to return to Pepper and life in Melbourne, Australia.  It’s always fun to talk to her because with the time difference it’s like taking to the future! 

Our CFO (Chief FETCH Officer)

She’s in charge of shipping (hence the FETCH), but truth be told she’s pretty bossy and calls a lot of the shots around here.


Assistant CFO

Our wild child!  Seriously, she’ll be a great dog when she grows out of the crazy puppy days.  If you own a cattle dog, you know what we mean!

Meet Roxy
Our late Matriarch

If it wasn’t for Roxy there wouldn’t be a Barqs The Cattle Dog, Cattle Dog Clubhouse or we wouldn’t be involved with Bad Heeler. (Roxy pictured with Dr. Momma and tiny little Barqs on the day she joined the family.)

Our Bad Heeler Ambassadors

We’ve got a great team of heelers & their humans who help us make up TEAM BAD HEELER!

Booker & Michelle
Nala & Joyce
Jack & Melissa

Got a question?

Hit us up on the CONTACT US form at the bottom of the page.   Thank you!  Hooroo!  (Google it!)