Our Blog


Nov 17, 2020

Welcome to our first blog post!  We have so much to tell you!

First, we added an ABOUT US page to our site so you could get to know our crazy heeler family.  We are a real family run small business and not some third party overseas fulfillment deal.  We hope that you will enjoy the quality of our products and our customer service.  If you want to learn more about us and our girls Barqs & Crow check out the ABOUT US page!

We also want to tell you about some great NEW products!  We added TWO styles of hoodie which have been really popular.  We have one with a large center logo and the second with a smaller embroidered logo.  Both are on the same Glidan hoodies (we are stocking a “dark heather” but other colors are available by special order, hit us up as always on the Contact Us form with your special requests) and I can’t tell you how many times we have heard “I’m never taking this hoodie off” since we have started selling them.  We think you’ll love them.

We are super proud of our new embroidered logo products we have recently added.  In addition to the hoodie we added a Bad Heeler men’s industrial work shirt and an embroidered zip tote.  We really had to find the right partner to do this embroidery work, it took a couple tries with different vendors and we finally settled on a partner that we think nailed our logo.  The logo is 18,000 stitches and we think you’ll be happy with the high quality of the craftsmanship.  We have a couple more embroidered items on the way so stay tuned!

Thank you for your interest in Bad Heeler and being part of our extended Bad Heeler family.  We LOVE to see your photos with our products so tag #BadHeelerFeature or send them to us.